Sunday, November 8, 2015

balancing act

more Edo mines

gotta love hammocks

rarely seen in autumn

quite the narrow

anomalous hardwood in conifer forest

Inaka problems for commuting students,
 poor thing
the next night it was a boar
and after that a deer, really.

down towards the "city"

Edo era mine

on the other side of the home range
biggest shima hebi

sweeeeeeet taters


  1. Hi Johne,

    Long time, guess you've heard about CLJ.

    Recently started doing pizzas in the woodstove - love this time of year !

    How far in do the shafts go ? Did you find the cup in there ? and I guess you've already got into fire burning season ?


  2. Hi Ken,

    Sorry to hear about the closing of CLJ, end of an era unfortunately.
    Wood burning season started heavy and has gone light thankfully, kinda warm, stinkbugs the fewest I've ever seen though I've heard they're worse in town for some reason. I'm too chicken to go way into the narrow mines unless I can fully turn around in a hurry, good way to get hurt. Hope Alls well with you.