Thursday, June 4, 2015

Sometimes smaller is better

Late winter in Vermont
way off the beaten path in Yabu
it's been the driest spring I can remember
feels like a different country

Not far from home, trying to find an elusive 8th century
hermit's cave
a different local falls

yamabiru, ヤマビル- land leech
a little rain and warmth
and they're on to you

got through my big OR gaiters

dem belly full but me hungry
pay the piper

Meiji era Fudoumyou san
he smites non- believers with his sword
and corrals them with his rope

 never dreamt I'd wear spandex, better supertight gaiters

headless Buddha - victim of religious purge in Meiji

beauty in Iwatsu


I've been seeking out close but rarely traveled routes
in town and nearby

a castle and a mine

ready to go at any moment

the home range from yet another angle

looks bigger from far away

a rarely seen view in town

so much history in this 

1 comment:

  1. Really cool stuff. You spend time in Vermont? Thats not too far from where I grew up. Have family on the VT/NH border.Was a cooooollllld Winter I heard.
    Appreciate your pictures and narrative as they always stoke a fire which needs stoking.