Saturday, January 11, 2014

Heavy skiing


  1. How much property do you own? Looks like there are so many places to go. Is it just public land or something too?

    I wish I could afford to live somewhere like that one day. Not sure it's going to happen though.

  2. I have a couple hundred tsubo at the foot of the mountain, the upper parts are all public land, while some of the lower is private forestry, which I will occasionally poach if the powder is enough,haha. You'd be surprised how cheap inaka land can be had in some places, really. My friend just got two acres in Nagano for 10k, including very old house.

  3. Awesome ! I was waiting for the part where you are sitting in the snow, strumming you know what.

    Film yourself with one strung around on your back doing different things: Plowing a field, planting veg, snipping fruit tree branches, hiking, skiing, skateboarding, trekking, hitchhiking, wandering through urban arcades, and so on and so forth. Pan out to...


    with StrumStick. (Music Jamming in the background)

    HotDamn ! To make the vid really work you just need professional recording, even if for a few bits of different tracks.

    I'm on it.


    1. sounds good ken, keep the ideas coming, i'll get on it too!

  4. blaine,

    Don't lose hope, dude. I read on your blog you moved back home, to where ever home is. I did that too, once, but came back here to Japan. You can too, if you choose to.

    Good luck to you,