Thursday, November 27, 2014

Mild fall

Our town

850m the difficult way

How much wood can a Super Cub chuck?
about 15 pieces per run


the home range from a different angle

woody shelf and rare watering hole

deadly decoration

here's looking at you

yamanashi- wild mountain pears

Saturday, October 11, 2014

End of the road

down Black River way

homestead yard walls or livestock pen?

miles and miles of silver mine shafts

When we moved in 10 years ago there were 4 inhabited houses up our road
now they've passed on or moved out, now we're the farthest in

Your average 700 year old house

sweet chestnut


my neighbor asked if I wanted some hardwood

he said this stand is mine for the taking I almost feel guilty
accepting but did. Its going to be quite a job

holes punched in a blue cheese starting to mold

mycelium- billions of spores alive and transforming

in a neighboring valley

this was the most remote farmhouse on our road long since abandoned

Monday, September 15, 2014

homemade cheese

basic soft curd process for Farmhouse Cheddar

use non homogenized, low temperature pasteurized milk 3L
heat to 32C and add mesophilic culture hold for one hour at 32
add rennet, stir and hold for another hour at temp
then cut curds and raise temp to 38C very slowly over 1/2 hour

drain for 1 hour or so
3L of milk will yield from 300 to 350 grams of cheese

press for 10 mins then turn over, press again for 15 mins
then turn over, press for 12 hours

from a square mold after overnight pressing
air dry at room temp for about 5 days

vacuum bag after drying 

some b.linens mold has taken hold, shouldn't be a big problem
age for 3-4 weeks at 10C in vegetable drawer of refrigerator 

a little more challenging, Bleu cheese
innoculated with high quality store bought cheese from France

after one week of air drying the bleu mold is really taking hold
it requires longer aging unwrapped at 10C

mini bleu test

still hitting the beach, nicer than ever

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Finally fulfilled my dream of camping at the beach

hot springs and all

jungle surfing

sometimes it seems like a real jungle
cucumbers and pumpkins in a plum tree

We lost all our remaining ducks to this guy
Either an immature golden eagle イヌワシor a mountain hawk eagle

it's hard to be upset by such an impressive creature

view on youtube HD speed 1/4