Sunday, September 29, 2013

One of the last swimming days of the year at a nearby, hard to reach and quite deep hole

the tree platform I made a few years ago has succumbed to the elements,
a ships rope encrusted in moss bears witness to the damp

should have mulched all the beds this way from the get-go
beans and greens for the coming chill

I can't recall such an extended period of good weather

マツブサ matsubusa
they'll be ready when they turn purple

a huge tochi chestnut

アケビ (akebi) monkey pods- have been everywhere!

only a few parasol mushrooms this fall

サンショ sansho spice goes a long way

The haul (ball and all)
ヤマナシ (yamanashi)  mountain pears,  トチ(tochi) chestnuts,  ふじ (fuji) wisteria pods/seeds
くり (kuri) sweet chestnuts,  ガマズミ  gamazumi berries- Viburnum
The kids and I are having a blast with the 山菜 (sansai) mountain vegetable book
they help me read the fine print and we all learn a lot

The cool nights get me dreaming of winter and skiing,
always wanted an ultralight floorless shelter
for winter trips.  I plan to dig a triangular pit
down into the snow and make a bombproof shelter.