Thursday, August 1, 2013

Finally Summer

The real summer has hit at last, not that I'm thrilled.
Rainy season was almost non-existant, for that I am glad.
But we've had more rain post-rainy season than in it.
standing on water
But now the humidity becomes extreme inside and out
Usually we have to suffer from mid-June to mid September with the wet and muggy
but this year we get a month reprieve
In the kitchen
This is actually cool

Things inside the house get moldy without central cooling.  
Fortunately with all solid wood it is easy to clean with some water and vinegar or wax.

Doing my part to revive the (Chinese) economy.  It's like an outdoor living room.

Now when it rains the party goes on.  And rain it does.

we got raided twice by monkeys

usually don't hit us till fall, got all my cukes and spuds

I've been putting off getting a real bicycle for years.
But around here riding is not as easy as it sounds.
It's either up or down, with little in between.
This baby can climb like nobody's business.
I'm totally hooked on riding it.

With all the woods roads around here it's easy to cover some ground

Even in the heat it's more pleasant than walking.
Normally I give up hiking in summer, it is just too hot and buggy.
It's just not worth it, but by bike it's totally different.
This should keep me in shape till ski season.

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