Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ever seen a bush warbler 鶯 うぐいす?This was my first sighting, it took 20 minutes to stalk it.
Completely missed dandelion season
so I got over a kilo of white clover

ginger, raisins, lemon, sugar, water, yeast
see you in December

freshly picked green tea


Don't leave home without it!

low rider
7 down 5 to go


  1. You should really post more often. These long intervals between posts leave me wanting more!

  2. Hey I just stopped by your blog, same here hisashiburi and thanks.
    You've been busy and your photos are fantastic, great work on the stabilizer, did you make it?

  3. Thanks. I made the stabilizer but haven't used it much.

    I need to tweak it more and get it balanced more properly but I'm working with limited tools. It was hard enough to get all the parts for it in the first place. I followed a guide on youtube.

    It's my intention to take more videos and practice editing. However, I always find it ten times easier to just snap a photo.

  4. Do I dare ask where you scored the tea leaves? Did the white clover become tea, or...?


  5. Hi Ken, I've got 3 little tea bushes hanging on on the walls.
    And only the finest essential clover oil for me...