Sunday, December 30, 2012

cache and camp

A beautiful day around Christmas provided an
opportunity to do as I did last year, plant the
winter gear cache

About 10 kg. of warmth and supplies

with the Inland Sea shining in the distance

A few days later and the weather has turned

With a leisurely late start I arrived at the summit around 2:30.
Plenty of fresh snow and things were looking good for tomorrow.

the rain tarp from a small dome tent gotten
cheap makes a good floor-less shelter
for winter camping

I hadn't tested it in the snow yet and setting it up was
trickier than imagined.  So it wound up with a smaller than
anticipated interior  because snow had to be piled
around the oustide edge to keep it taut.

This is the first time I've ever shoveled snow into
my tent to make a level sleeping platform.

a little after  dark the snow turned to rain
my gamble that the summit would get
walloped with snow went bust

condensation poured down the inside surface
of the tent and it was impossible not to touch it
and with the constant flapping from the wind
drops sprayed everywhere
it was impossible to even read a book.

luckily I was saved by my small radio and an
awesome military surplus gore-tex bivy cover
can't say enough good things about the bivy!

about 1AM I awoke a little cold to put on
a fleece jacket.  The rain had stopped and it was
bright enough to see outside unaided.

By morning though the good snow was shot
and all the effort spent carrying up my
skis was for nothing but exercise.
One of these years I'll get a sunny, powder
filled morning.  Missed it by 1 degree or so.


イタチ?Weasel or  テン Marten ?

still scractching my head about this one,
looks like a good sized dog, but...
the rain last night wiped out all the old
tracks on the trail.  So either there are some
loose hunting dogs all the way
up here or this is something else.
Could be a fox, a big one.

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