Monday, November 19, 2012

Fall is here and winter is on the way
up on the nicest part of the ridge trail

found a new reliable source of acorns

getting better at leaching them
Types of acorns in Japan
I think I'm dealing with コナラ and ミズナラ
which seem to be the high tannin types
of course, sigh

Even though these were processed for almost
3 weeks things could have been sped
up if I had broken them up into smaller
pieces first


drying the flour on the stove

Here's a great video with an actual acorn shelling machine
and hand grinder.
I've found out my regular blender does well
for both rough cutting and making flour 

From here Eat the Weeds I got probably
the best info so far on how not to mess up
namely either do hot or cold processing not both
I heat the acorns a little to crack the shell easily and
that probably contributes to the lengthy leaching times
using about1/5 acorn flour
made a nice whole wheat like bread
that the family praised

My goal someday is acorn soba from
Probably the most comprehensive list of acorn recipes

yamanashi- mountain pears

making wild pear liquor 
pierce each pear with a fork twice
add rock sugar and 20-25% alc. shochu
wait 3-6 months

pickled radishes, from seed to fridge in 3 weeks, so easy

view from the top looking N

I didn't know that baby snakes are born in fall
I wonder what this is?


  1. Quality DIY work there. I need to get into making more stuff from scratch myself.

    Brought in any small game with the sling-shot yet?


  2. Hey Ken,

    Haven't tried the "free hunting" yet but hope to give it a try if it isn't too late.

    You making more from scratch? Surely you jest..