Monday, October 15, 2012

Signs of Fall

Parasol mushroom

Xtra large

This year our fig tree has been super productive
We've gotten many a bowlful

Acorns have been plentiful this year as opposed to last
when they were noticeably absent

the perils of the gatherer
ヤマビル mountain leeches and ticks
thought it was too cool for them now but I was wrong
bloody mess
it itches like a mosquito bite for days

The processed nut meats after the final roast

after shelling I tried a new processing method

Soak the whole or half nut meats in a large glass container
and change the water 2-3 times per day  for 10-14 days
until the water is clear.  Sometimes I added a little
salt or baking soda to avoid spoilage and remove tannins
but had no problems

I don't have a hand crank grinder for wheat so used
the food processor.  Had to add some water to keep the flour
in the mixing area

A nice firm dough.  I added more sugar, salt and yeast than
I would for a normal loaf to give it some lift.

This loaf was almost 1/2 acorn flour and tasted a bit like
a pumpernickel bread, it got a thumbs up from my wife.