Saturday, September 15, 2012

Wood boiler update 2

Back at it again with the boiler contraption
running a mix of charcoal and wood

Found a nice and cheap drill pump

Takes standard sized hose, nice and easy

Great flow rate and temperature

Hey what's that sheen on the water??
The drill pump is packed with a petroleum jelly
as a lubricant...uuhhggg
100L of greasy water

Taking a break 
These style mugs make great lanterns

Got a new pump
It's a solar garden pond or fountain type pump
It runs on DC current so is safe to use in water

A little more expensive than the drill pump
but no oils involved

Getting the right power source was a little tricky
Had these "wall warts"  AC-DC adapters lying around
tried them seperate,  and in tandem

A little low on power

And flow: 0.5L / minute
that's not gonna cut it

Luckily I had one more adapter lying around
 from a long gone laptop

It's a little overpowered for the pump motor
but flow and temperature are great
It may burn out the motor prematurely
but it ran 7 hours non-stop in testing
with no problems

All this low tech can get complicated

Finally!  A proper hot bath
and a truly portable one at that

Overall a good turnaround
Though I may try running a power wire
direct from my solar battery bank
to the new DC pump as it will match
voltage better.


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  2. Thanks so much for sharing this. This past winter I acquired my own wood boiler because I have heard how much money I would be saving. I am also a fan of how energy efficient it has been as well.