Monday, June 18, 2012

Something tells me the rindou will not be open much longer with the typhoon approaching

I found a good place to buy log ends at 1000yen per load
no cutting, no carrying, no hassle, not bad all around.

chamomile and green tea

In town we have a lake, actually two,
which are surrounded by areas like this
The south east end of the lake is a campground that up until this year was absolutely filthy with garbage and flotsam.  Thankfully the town finally cleaned it up and it is a pleasant place to visit again.

The lakes are hydro dams but used to be fertile farmland

Water level is usually higher at this time of year but I suppose due to the power crunch they are running all out hence the low levels

The remnants of paddies with fruit and nut trees behind

30m. of very expensive pipe found for my future hydro project, now to get it over here somehow




Can you hear the cuckoo?

Grey Wagtail


  1. Nice score on the pipe and log ends, and the garden is looking awesome. The fruit and nut trees by the lake...Is that to be your new orchard? Sweet find.


  2. Hey Ken, thanks for stopping by,
    Yeah it's a good score on the pipe, but still need 40 more meters! Still haven't gotten it over here yet, but guess it isn't going anywhere.

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