Sunday, April 15, 2012

Super Carry Cub

Going up the 林道 rindou, woods road to retrieve the cache

from the summit, the Rokko mountains of Kobe in the distance

Islands in the Seto Inland Sea and Shikoku in the far distance

Stunning views of Mt. Hyounosen today! 氷ノ山 the tallest peak in Hyogo
the pictures do todays scenary no justice
The summit of 氷ノ山 still snow covered and looking very ski-able

After 3 1/2  months on the summit everything was bone-dry and in perfect condition.
The cache secured to the trusty SuperCub
this setup would make a great combo for camp-touring/journeying
cruising the beautiful "roads to nowhere" at 40Km/hr is  a joy
the home range

the cache box installed as a carry box, I'm not a fan of wearing a large heavy pack while riding

wide load

about 100L of storage space

it takes a little getting used to and it slows
me a down a bit which is a good thing because
eventually I'm going to get nabbed for speeding
on this little thing 

I tried it out with 10kg of gear , seems solid

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