Monday, April 30, 2012

New swimming holes

About 10 minutes up the woods road from us there is a nice area where
 the river becomes a steep narrow gorge

I've always wanted to explore this area, but in summer it's usually jungle-like.
The algal growth hasn't yet started in earnest
 so footing is good, bugs are low and the forest is nice and dry

The nicest of the bunch, can't wait to don the mask, snorkel and wetsuit

The smallest and highest one at the top of the gorge.
 I'm sure they all have some nice trout residing.


A nice find from an 8 pointer.  You can often find antlers as well as bones
 in the steeper feeder-creeks thanks to typhoons and gravity. 

The village asked me to remove these trees that have fallen
just above a small bridge.
Looks like a heck of a lot of work though I can always use the wood.
 During the last big typhoon their roots were undercut along the bank.
  They fell over well after the typhoon passed.
 Now they're a major hazard if we have flooding again,
 they'll wash down and against bridges causing a jam and possible collapse.

Frog chorus

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