Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Before and After

Now that I'm officially field-less, sob sob, we absolutely must do something with that garden.
The motley assortment of raised beds made from all sorts of materials was not the best use of space.
Thanks to some advice from  Adams Guild Farm and Orchards


There's still some room in there for a few more smaller beds.  There are fruit and nut trees on the wall, apple, persimmon, chestnut and a lemon that doesn't seem to like it here at all.
What seems painfully obvious now never dawned on me while experimenting with various shapes and materials for beds, that is: keep it simple.

I just hope that the cedar planks hold up in our sometimes 2500mm + yearly rainfall locale.

I'll be sure to post another set of  before and after pics in August to see what a jungle it has become or not.


  1. Holy crap... Look at those trees sway in the wind! Nice work on the raised beds there. Now all your food will be just out the front door. Is it me or has your center piece fig tree gotten HUGE? That is a fig, no?


  2. Hey Ken,

    Yeah it is a fig and getting good size. We got a dozen or so last year from it hoping for more this year. Thanks for the help and bee blocks and all.

  3. Looks great. Very tidy and easy to keep on top of.

    I'm hoping to get my raised beds back into swing this year after last year's set-back.

    How old is your fig tree?

  4. Hi and thanks slughunter,

    Glad to hear you'll be doing raised beds too, must show some pics to us. I believe the fig is 5 or so, not exactly sure. I pruned the heck out of it so hope it fruits well this year. Have you changed your snow tires yet? I'm 2 weeks late hahaha.

  5. Yeah, I put in 5 when we first got here. They have been productive, but I haven't been very diligent with my crop rotation (not entirely my own fault) and, what's worse, unsurprisingly they too are beginning to be infested with sugina.

    But I do intend to rein them in this year.....if other things don't distract me too much.

    Not done the snow tyres never know when we might get a final cold snap. 2 years ago we got over 5cm on April 22nd!

  6. Here's one I took late yesterday afternoon. I was leaning out the bedroom window.

    As you can see, not much going on yet, just a few bits mostly shifted temporarily from where we are getting the land sorted out.

    You can also see the infamous 'water feature'.

  7. Hey they look great there sluggo, bet you can't wait to get some planting done. That pond would look great with a duck or two.

    I put some stuff in early and used those clear plastic dome thingys, forget the French name. I'm getting 2 truckloads of wood chips tomorrow to re-cover the backyard, the original chips have become a soggy mess.

    Keep us updated with your progress please.


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