Sunday, January 29, 2012

A cache too far

 Great powder overnight and a calm cold morning, everything covered in beautiful ice crystals

 pushing past the new bowl area and going higher, a logged out area at around 1000m
 that will make a nice run on the way back down, stick to the shoulder and avoid stumps
 the summit of Futougamine フトウヶ峰 about 1100m 
 tea time
 the effort is well worth it to get here as the snow quality is so much better and the runs wide
   open and  longer. It takes twice as long as the bowl/glade area though
 still can't get to the cache even though it's only another kilometer from here
I met a guy near the summit who was on his way down, he said it was near impossible to make
it to Dangamine 段が峰 due to deep snow. I postholed once up to my hips, but overall the track
is in great shape and it's easy to make time.
logged about 1000m vertical on the day over 10km with about 30 minutes of downhill ski time


  1. Man, you're livin' it up, there ! Awesome pictures. Still no real snow to speak of here this year, but growing food is a snap, and every morning the ice on the pond or bucket 'o water is thin enough for a ducks to break it by themselves.

    Have fun! BTW, I'm going for a record with our woodstove - The fire hasn't gone out since shougatsu !


  2. Hi Ken, yeah enjoying the snow while it lasts. I finally got wise and filled up a garbage can with water for the ducks. It doesn't freeze solid, yet, but the top has to be chopped daily, it's the only way. Good work on the stove, keep it goin'.

  3. Only NOW do I see the attraction of skiing. Up until now I'd thought it a dreary uphill-downhill exercise, but an obstacle course? That's way cool. If you ever make it down here during the Warm, I'll show you the equivalent, underwater... ;)

    All the best to you all,


  4. Thanks T,

    Hope to make it there this year for some underwater adventures. The kids are like seals you know. Oh, sampled the yuzu-shu!mmmmmmmm, thanks!