Sunday, November 27, 2011

warm weather

It's a good thing for this

end of November and silking corn(late season) in the field??

5kg of fall pots

and then there's this......aaarrrggghhh

8 years of regular use or abuse actually, have taken their toll. This translates into 4 years of daily use as the primary heat source. I think it will need a major rebuild, which is beyond my ability.

bolts are weak and snap when turned. The damper is completely warped. Inner heat shields are cracked and more. I have it rigged so we can still make small fires though.

will be saving this nice driftwood and resorting to the giant kerosene heater as the primary.

Always wanted to make a tipi and found this great site which gave me the push needed . It's made of flame retardant white tarp 3.6m X 7.2m and rather thin bamboo poles. So much more cozy than the old Coleman, but more suited to colder weather.

I don't know who likes it more the kids or me.

A lovely place to enjoy some of this...

yamanashi-shu 山梨酒 , wild pear brandy.

a Hokkaido native working on an Ainu motif


  1. Hey JohnE, I see you've put the wild pears to good use!, and that's a damn fine looking tipi. I'm thinking I might build one here, too. The potatoes look good. Gotta love potatoes.

    You're stove has just about had it, eh. Thought about investing in a different one? Models/ makes?

    Here's to hoping the warm trend doesn't boomerang into bitter cold,


  2. Hi Ken,

    I'm a keeping the stove for a long long time, just waiting on the estimate for the rebuild, gonna suck cause I probably need some pipe as well. If I ever was to get a new one it'd be with a cooktop and warming shelf. Probably Vermont Castings.

    The pears were good but you can only eat so many. You've got to give the tipi a go, I'm thinking of stashing one up on the mountaintop for winter camp.

    Hope you're still getting eggs over there, we're done for the season it seems.

  3. Hey johne,

    Done copied your tipi. Mine's inside though.

    Right, the ducks have stopped laying here too. It's OK, I need a break from duck eggs.

    Hope the rebuild doesn't set you back (in monies) too much,


  4. Great stuff, Dad of the Year!
    And thanks for the temperature map. Personally, I hope that it stays unseasonably warm, although obviously that isn't really best in the long run for the world in general. :(

  5. Hello, I found your blog at shizennou blog spot I think!!. Very interesting blog that you have. I was wondering if you know that Masanobu Fukuoka's farm is still around and if his family are still letting people stay at their farm to learn natural farming?

  6. Hi Miku,

    Thanks for dropping in. Interesting blog you've got.
    Sorry for the late reply. I'm waiting on a response from someone connected to the farm. When I get an answer I'll let you know ASAP. Hope I can be of help to you.


  7. WooW~ sweet. You are the only one who e-mailed me back of far. Thank you very much John (^__^*) Hope I get a view like yours one day...

  8. I got a reply on the farm info. Seems the family is doing organic farming there now, not Fukuoka-san's version of natural farming. The contact says he occasionally goes the their "mountain" as he calls it. I'll hopefully be getting some seed from their famous rice strain from him. The contact also is selling books and DVD's which I may buy. After I do those deals I'll work on possible access info, sound good? I have to thank you for helping me to possibly be able to get this rice strain.