Saturday, November 5, 2011

It's been a warm fall so far, hardly used any firewood at all which is good. In the afternoons I've noticed foxes howling just before sundown and again later in the evening at about the same time night after night, and not just in this area.

Found a beautiful yamanashi  山梨の木 , or mountain pear tree off a lightly used road on public land that has been overlooked. It's loaded with fruit though they're still rather sour, have to check on it again soon.

they've sweetened up, but still much more firm than your regular pear. I gave the tree a good shake without thinking and got pummeled haha.

The first fall potatoes are so thin skinned they don't need peeling, pass the sour cream please.

After 3 years of nothing my shiitake logs caught me off guard and produced these giant hand sized monsters, waterlogged and inedible.

Persimmon jam on homemade bread

So far have gotten almost a kilo of amaranth seed, probably another kilo left to harvest in the field. Considering that 1/3 cup can yield 2 servings it goes far.

This big guy has been hanging around the village


  1. Ota ! Did I see eight points on that Buck ? Hey, I'd say you're pretty good with the Amaranth there.

    Grey & Marilyn don't fly away anymore, and I think they might actually like me now, or just want my food. Anyway, they're the talk of the neighborhood -- the old ladies stand and stare, and chat away.



  2. Glad to hear they're finally settling in there, thanks for putting them up, or putting up with them ;) They are personalities for sure, Mr. Brown is my buddy over here. How'd your late season corn go?

  3. Late season corn here is still on the stalk. Looks good. Peanuts and potatoes coming to, too. Leafy stuff like lettuce and cabbage and broc and kale all OK. Zero problems with pests this fall.


  4. Nice buck John. Lordy I miss my .308, can you bow hunt in Japan? anyone know?

  5. Hi brodoland,

    No bow hunting in Japan unfortunately. But they do have all kinds of permissible trapping. But you still have to take a difficult (and expensive) test, much like a gun course I think. With the wildlife problem here you'd think they'd make it easier to hunt and cull, but noooo. I hear in Hyogo there are 80,000 deer when 10,000 is a healthy population. I'll check into the other legalities for ya', I know Yabanjin and Ken, have written quite a bit about it. Will let you know.