Sunday, November 27, 2011

warm weather

It's a good thing for this

end of November and silking corn(late season) in the field??

5kg of fall pots

and then there's this......aaarrrggghhh

8 years of regular use or abuse actually, have taken their toll. This translates into 4 years of daily use as the primary heat source. I think it will need a major rebuild, which is beyond my ability.

bolts are weak and snap when turned. The damper is completely warped. Inner heat shields are cracked and more. I have it rigged so we can still make small fires though.

will be saving this nice driftwood and resorting to the giant kerosene heater as the primary.

Always wanted to make a tipi and found this great site which gave me the push needed . It's made of flame retardant white tarp 3.6m X 7.2m and rather thin bamboo poles. So much more cozy than the old Coleman, but more suited to colder weather.

I don't know who likes it more the kids or me.

A lovely place to enjoy some of this...

yamanashi-shu 山梨酒 , wild pear brandy.

a Hokkaido native working on an Ainu motif

Saturday, November 5, 2011

It's been a warm fall so far, hardly used any firewood at all which is good. In the afternoons I've noticed foxes howling just before sundown and again later in the evening at about the same time night after night, and not just in this area.

Found a beautiful yamanashi  山梨の木 , or mountain pear tree off a lightly used road on public land that has been overlooked. It's loaded with fruit though they're still rather sour, have to check on it again soon.

they've sweetened up, but still much more firm than your regular pear. I gave the tree a good shake without thinking and got pummeled haha.

The first fall potatoes are so thin skinned they don't need peeling, pass the sour cream please.

After 3 years of nothing my shiitake logs caught me off guard and produced these giant hand sized monsters, waterlogged and inedible.

Persimmon jam on homemade bread

So far have gotten almost a kilo of amaranth seed, probably another kilo left to harvest in the field. Considering that 1/3 cup can yield 2 servings it goes far.

This big guy has been hanging around the village