Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Some of the amaranth is about 5 feet tall


and pink

I jumped the gun a bit and had to harvest some to clean and to taste . It was a little difficult to clean being rather green. Have to wait until the first frost nips and it falls more easily. It makes a nice porridge like oatmeal, has a nutty flavor and is good topped with a little honey.

Of course it wouldn't be fall without the local parasol mushrooms The aigamo in the field hunting for the day. Time to bring in the green onions, don't know if the late season black corn will make it all the way. Mr.Brown is very happy when I cover the duck run with fresh weeds. So are the aigamo who leave presents every day. Summer is over and gone are these nasties, yama-biru, ヤマヒル、mountain leeches.

summer feasting

These guys snuck in and got my good row of late season corn.