Saturday, July 9, 2011


It's blistering hot but with low humidity, which will last only a few more days then the rain will return.

The log raised bed put out about 2kgs of potatoes

the field has given me this plus about 2 buckets full

my weekly lunchbox bill has tapered off to nil

into the bin and under the house

some stragglers from last fall's planting popping up here and there around the field

So much field and so little time

potatoes harvested and their beds plowed back under

bullfrog ウシカエル

low on phosphate?

heirloom corn - I tried a block planting for the first time, could squeeze 100 plants into this space. So far so good, but it's difficult to weed and water. Thinking maybe next year to do several of these block plantings with either black plastic mulch or some experimental newspaper and or cardboard mulch. Maybe try to leave a block with a undersow of clover, 1 with plastic, 1 paper , etc

a wind barrier on the south facing side plus nearly each individual plant is staked and tied as opposed to the Florida weave I did last year (my son got into my 500m. spool of manila twine what a mess) The long raised beds are somewhat easy to weed using a power strimmer.
about 200+ corn total

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