Sunday, May 15, 2011

Oh Vermont!

East towards the White Mountains of New Hampshire North and West towards Lake Champlain , the Adirondack Mountains of New York, and Canada Painted Bluff at Buffalo National River, Ozark Mountains, Arkansas
back to the world My first stab at wheat, wish me luck.
Since I missed dandelion season the only other option was crimson, clover that is basically copying the dandelion recipe and winging it
boil about 10 minutes

Seriously red

should be ready for Thanksgiving or Christmas, guess this decides the menu

plowed under half of the regular clover green manure and sowed another 100 or so corn seeds


  1. Welcome home ?!

    Nice shots there in the U.S.. You sure do get around (travel).

    Grey and Marilyn are doing great here. Today I observed them literally sucking bugs out of the air. Seems everything I've read up on them being big bug and mosquito eaters is true. Also seems that they're not "mud suckers" or "puddle muckers" like the aigamo, and stick more to clover and airborne bugs and grains.

    Also, I won't type anything about Marilyn's wings, but you can imagine.



  2. Glad to hear the muscovies are getting on better, mine is not quite the carnivore yours is yet, but the toad/insect population is yet to explode