Saturday, April 9, 2011

Something's in the air

It's the time of year when yellow sand from China's desertification comes blowing across the Korean peninsula and combines with 2 kilograms of pollen per tree from the cedar/cypress forests which makes for all kinds of respiratory distress.

Which can only mean potato planting time! 5kg of seed taters yields about 90 hopeful plants in 3 raised beds to the left of the now blooming rape seed duck salad bar on the right.

Also added yellow and black heirloom corn, amaranth , wheat, barley, oats, millet, and peanuts. How the grains will do in this wet climate is anybody's guess, but it's worth a try. trying the kitchengardenjapan weed-mulch-method this year, I need more weeds!

< The muscovy sometimes refuses to be herded into the coop at night, yes it is that big. Here he's flown outside the compound and the raccoon is saying, " I think I'll stick with the easy grub here on the ground" Brazen suckers

Found a great source of log end cuts for next years wood supply. Right off the main road and only 15 mins one way.

How much wood could a kei truck huck if a kei truck would huck wood? For the first time in 7 years I actually had to crack out the kerosene heater and burn a few 18L jugs of the stuff to heat our home. Due to the record cold winter and my lazy arse we, I mean I, ran out of wood at the end of March, only to be rescued by a neighbor who happened to give us 2 truckfulls of ancient sticks normally used to fire a woodburning bathtub. On a sadder note I had to depart with a pair of muscovy ducks who will now be taking up residence in Aichi-ken at Elwood Garten They'll be eating much better over there for sure, thanks much Ken.