Monday, March 7, 2011

Duck compound

The new duck compound seems to be working ok. It's in a north-facing corner of the backyard so it's shady and rather damp. Ideally a roofed area would be best, but expensive to build. The muscovy coop needs a chicken wire protected extension around the door for times when we are out overnight. The current configuration of the coop will be too hot come June.

It takes at least 2 cubic meters of weed cuttings to cover the ground to keep the mud down. After 3 successive layerings this gets raked up and put under the tarp in the corner. Should make for some fine compost.

There's not much to forage for the ducks on this side of the yard at any time of year, so I march them down the road a bit to the rented field and let them forage there whenever possible.