Saturday, January 29, 2011

Muscovy Ducks

Through the internet I've met some interesting people here in Japan. Not a bad apple in the bunch. Some were hitch-hiking the length of the country, some are on pilgrimages. Others are starting farms , homesteads, trades, even villages and trying to live as simply as possible, slowing down, perhaps dropping out, but never giving up. Occasionally in life you get to meet someone who walks the walk. Thanks to the good people at we are able to take part in a journey. One that we should all be on, to live more in tune with each other and our home, than against. Their extraordinary website has provided inspiration for thousands of people all over the globe to undertake their own journey to forever. Good luck wherever your journey may take you!

Muscovys are more known for their meat than their eggs

New extra large coop for the extra large Muscovys

5hrs and 13,000 yen later. It's the best I've made so far

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