Monday, December 27, 2010

food, grog, and skiing

Not much new around here except that our food self sufficiency rating has just about dropped to zero, mainly due to winter . The ducks have stopped laying for the season and all that's in the field are beets and some lettuce. Waiting on some brussel sprouts and broccoli though. Did barter some hombrew for venison and wild boar, both of which were excellent. (thanks Yabanjin) Here's the making of a venison stew in my new best friend the pressure cooker. Haven't bought any beer for quite a while now. Have a system pretty well worked out for fermenting even at low winter temperatures. Just place a water jug of wort on the sacrilegious electric radiator for a week. Killing 2 birds with 1 stone.
These electric radiators make the difference between unbearable and bearable temperatures in the far corners of the house where the woodstove warmth will not reach. But still it pains me to I can't say money for heat. Then do a second fermentation in the bottle for another 4 days
wait 3 weeks or longer if you can stand it, fresh Belgian style ale for 1\5th the price
Then you have to go out and work off all those calories

                        杉山          段が峰
should be able to ski up there in another day or two , looking forward to trying out the new gear

                        Dangamine from Sugiyama

With more snow it is now getting good. The problem is the road to the top of the pass is snowed in and I have to hike up the ridge from the beginning, brutal.

Skiing on the ridge top at 900m.

A typical glade that can be skied right off the trail, what goes down must also come back up. After a few of these glade or tree runs you're wiped.


  1. Wow, wish I could come over for dinner at yer place - that stew looks tasty ! We've been doing pizzas in the woodstove and a bunch of soups on top, saving a bundle in cash on LPG. My wife, being the sloppy cook that she is, slopped soup all over the woodstove flue, and I can't get it off !!

    It's -3 degrees outside now, but 18 in the house. Gotta love the woodstove :-).

    Envy yer skiing there. These days, winter sport activities consist of chopping wood and breathing big clouds of breadth into the air.

    Thanks again for the home-brew, popping open one now...

    Wow !! Nice...


  2. Oh yeah gotta love the woodstove, feeding the dragon. Whatever you do don't spray paint the flue with black high temp stove paint, it will eventually discolor to a black/gray. We had some water drip down the chimney from a typhoon and I had a 2 meter rust-like stain. Now I've got a skunk stripe. (It's ok to paint a whole section of stove, just for future reference) We just got like 55cm,yes.

  3. Hey, we had the same thing happen here: water dripping down the flue mid-typhoon. Was a mess on the second floor, and I was battling the incoming water with bath towels. It was then that I realized there is -- in effect -- a hole in my roof during a typhoon. Feck.

    Thinking my system (woodstove, flue and chimney) my be defective, I asked the guys who installed it about it. They said, "Nothing you can do about a typhoon."

    Thankfully I didn't end up with any rust on the flue. But if I ever do, thanks for the tip on spray paint.