Sunday, November 21, 2010

Quince wine 花梨ワイン

This giant caterpillar has nothing to do with wine
I was really hoping to try making persimmon wine this year but my secret mountain persimmon tree either didn't fruit well this year or my timing was way off. Acorns also were absent due to the very dry August weather probably.

The dandelion wine たんぽぽワイン bottled back in May is ready and came out quite well. I'm pleased because it was my first attempt at wine and used only regular bread yeast.
An aquaintance gave us some very large quinces. The quince or karin 花梨 is a large, hard, asian pear that must be boiled to be eaten.

boiling the karin
cut into bite sized pieces, add sugar, honey, lemon juice and a little ginger. Boil for 1/2 hour.

strain into carbuoy with cold water added

using proper wine yeast this time

Sprinkle on yeast and fit airlock in place

Insulate the warm brew and store in a warm place till fermentation ceases. This will be racked (transferred) to another carbuoy in about 2 weeks, and sit for about 3 months . Then bottled and aged for another 3 months at least. Hoping for the best.