Tuesday, August 3, 2010

summer harvest

The real goods are finally starting to roll in. Cherry tomatoes, green beans, peppers and of course...corn!

this is going on every other day or so. For our first corn feast we each had 3 ears! That's about as filling as a heaping bowl of rice.

Have gotten about 30 50 70 90 ears so far. I'd rate size at medium but taste and sweetness get an A.
The ducks get the earworm rejects and we get the nice ones. Had to cull about 25 40 plants though.

The deck shade has withstood a few good thunderstorms and windy days but still needs some modifications.

Nothing like a dip after a while in the field.

Amago (trout). There's a couple of keepers in here that I really should go after one of these days.

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