Friday, August 13, 2010

Yellow Gold

Got about 100 more ears from the middle rows with my son's help. There are still 2 rows remaining that are not quite ready. Hopefully this will push the total over 300. About 1/2 are "supermarket large" some with a little insect damage, usually on the very top. The other 1/2 is a mix of medium to small sizes. This really makes up for the poor potato crop. I'm tickled pink to say the least.

Though my wife shares my enthusiasm for maize, freezer space is a different story.

Corn fed ducks enjoying the irrigation ditch


corn "raisins"

I think I accidentally discovered a new food. While trying to dry par-boiled corn to make flour, it wouldn't quite dry all the way no matter how long it stayed in the electric oven at a very low temperature of 45C. Not having any screens to properly dry it in the sun, and having fruit flies attack the hung cobs, the only option was to raise the temp to the next lowest setting. As it turns out, about 2hrs at 100C makes perfect "corn raisins". The family is wild about them.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

summer harvest

The real goods are finally starting to roll in. Cherry tomatoes, green beans, peppers and of course...corn!

this is going on every other day or so. For our first corn feast we each had 3 ears! That's about as filling as a heaping bowl of rice.

Have gotten about 30 50 70 90 ears so far. I'd rate size at medium but taste and sweetness get an A.
The ducks get the earworm rejects and we get the nice ones. Had to cull about 25 40 plants though.

The deck shade has withstood a few good thunderstorms and windy days but still needs some modifications.

Nothing like a dip after a while in the field.

Amago (trout). There's a couple of keepers in here that I really should go after one of these days.