Monday, July 12, 2010

weave hybrid

We had heavy rain and high winds that began to knock down the corn. Being my lazy self I went swimming the day before the anticipated storm instead of putting up supports. How could I resist?

At least the ducks are happy and I'm saving on feed.

This looks more like a Florida weave system designed for tomatoes. It was the only thing I could think of other than gathering 400+ bamboo stakes from the riverside somewhere. That would take forever.

Spent about 6 back-breaking hours in the pouring rain and winds paying for my laziness. Nearly each plant is tied loosely to the support line

99% of the crop is upright, pretty good considering the winds. At the top of the valley here it all gets funnelled straight to us from the south. Good for a wind turbine- bad for corn. I can't do a block planting cause of the heavy rain, wouldn't be able to enter the muddy block for days at a time, forget about weeding it. The only other thing I can think to help is make my rows run south-north, as opposed to east-west like I have now. Can't imagine it'd make much difference though. This is the first test of many to come this summer for sure. In the meantime, I'll start gathering bamboo poles for next year, and wait for things to dry out and cultivate the rows again.


  1. Nice shot at the river-side and your ducks look really good out there in the corn-field. I can't afford to buy feed, so my ducklings get ground wheat and oat, chopped cabbage, clover, slugs, and the occasional worm. They seem to be doing rather well, almost over weight even.

    Would it be possible to stick up a seasonal wind-break at the south-side of the corn-field ? Apparently something that just slices the wind, not stops it, makes a huge difference. On row planting, what about doing a gigantic spiral ? Maybe ? it'd help against the wind, and it sure would look cool from the mountaintop. On second thought, you might get visitors from outer- space.



  2. Thanks for the advice, I see those blue mesh wind break fences up protecting the locally famous negi. Probably 10meters of that would do the trick, maybe 20. I'll check into it, will probably need it anyway come typhoon season.

    After I got the supports up last week, the wind changed to from the north and temp dropped to 20 degrees, this weather is freaky. I remember tsuyu was a hot, humid, misty, uncomfortable season, not a month long typhoon. We've been in the 20's most of the summer and it isn't even uncomfortable in the house yet.