Wednesday, June 16, 2010

new potatoes

Harvested the potatoes from the tires. Mice and/or moles did a number on them. Only got 1kg. from there. The vertical log bed had the same problem and only produced 2kg. But they are delicious and don't need to be peeled.

This bed is doing really well and has yet to be touched by vermin. I need at least 5kg. out of here to make my quota. Crossing fingers and counting chickens.

Figs, will they make it all the way? The biwa (loquat) tree at work is blooming and I got 20 early fruit with the hope of ripening them off the tree.

Snap peas, broccoli, lettuce are on their way out of season. Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and zucchini , chard, beans, cukes are on their way in. Corn is a long way off but doing well, 400 count. Oh and yesterday I regrettably had to dispatch a tanuki that was in the duck pen. It had already taken 2 of my flock.

I've decided to dismantle the side yard "tire garden". Results were poor with only radishes doing well, even the chard did poorly in such wet and shady conditions. The fencing will go to the ducks and the soil will be incorporated into the main garden.

The rainy season is here and at least it is not too hot yet. Need to cover the tomatoes so they don't split.

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  1. Those potatoes look good ! Sorry to hear the bugs got to the others.