Saturday, May 22, 2010


Since I got a very late start on the field and the garden is already established I decided to go with mostly corn this season. Missed my chance at potatoes, but will be planting fall spuds - 秋じゃが, aki-jaga. So far there're 200 seeds in, hope to do a succession planting totalling 600. I'll be happy to harvest half of that. That's only 6 or so packs of seeds. The number of beds has been cut from previous years, and also used black plastic mulch to suppress weeds. Also the space between beds has been widened to at least a tiller width, so now when the weeds get bad I can run the tiller easily between the beds. The problem with this method however is that the beds need to be raised by hand to make the row between beds wide enough to get the tiller in. When using the plow on the tiller the row between beds is narrower than the tiller itself. When the weeds take over the row they are nearly impossible to stop without using a different, smaller tiller(which I don't want to buy) , or the gas powered trimmer. This risks damaging the plants. Hopefully this will work out and I'll be able to use the same raised beds and mulch for a few years . All in all it's only a few hours hard labor to raise the beds though. Successful very small scale cover cropping with clover, ie: duck feed. I've had no luck doing this large scale in the field so far, but am learning. The lettuce/clover bed just keeps on producing, but then again it was a very cool spring. I keep cutting it back and it just keeps on growing. The clover is amazing I can fill a bucket full by cutting with scissors and in a few days it is full again. The ducks are now laying 2 eggs per day! I proudly told my wife to stop buying eggs. The other day a friend gave us an old breadmaker, I gave them some eggs and promised a bottle of dandelion wine when it's ready. Today I said stop buying bread! Ham is going to be a real problem though.

200mm of rain in the creek behind the house


  1. Hey JohnE,

    Nice wildlife photography in the previous post. I also liked the shot of the duck coops. You mentioned before that after installing the old drawers the ducks started laying, but, I wonder, does having two separate coops have anything to do with it as well ? Wow, two eggs a day now !! Yer giving me major hope here.

    Clover is great, isn't it ?! Oh, I see in yer picture there that the blackberry bush is putting out shoots ! Nice. Otsukare on the raised beds.



  2. Hi Ken,

    The hens and drakes have almost always been seperated except for a short period when the laying sproradically began. I think it has more to do with diet and weather/daylight perhaps. Oh, and a few holes drilled into the drawer bottoms will help with cleaning and drying.

    Hows the little gals (I hope) doing?