Saturday, April 3, 2010

PET mini-greenhouses

The store-bought seedlings are now established and chances of frost have slimmed.
Not wanting to buy new plastic domes or do transplants from seed, I've removed the domes from the established plants and put them on newly planted seeds of warm weather veg- cukes, toms, zucchini and beans.

Using PET bottles, cut in half with some ventilation holes drilled on the sides.

beans - (need to plant more every week or 2)

the tomato bed
It's a little early in the season for these plants but the combination of dark colored raised beds and protective covers should keep things warm enough.

potato - probably doesn't need a cover but want to speed things up and experiment.

I cleaned out the entire recylcling bin. Now I want to try making seedling starters using PET bottles.


  1. Nice idea. I see that you did and posted this on April 3rd, how are things sprouting/coming ?



  2. Hi Ken,

    I've been meaning to write a follow-up post. The cooler than normal spring in combination with my early planting hasn't produced spectacular results in the PET trials with the warm weather veg. We haven't been over 20C yet and had some snow and frequent cold temps since planting. The potato, lettuce and surprise asparagus are doing great though. Thanks for commenting.


  3. Hey john,

    Any space to spare? Have a dozen or so unused unuzual yellow Sonesta beans looking lonely in the seed packet. Yours, gratis, if you want 'em...



  4. john, thanks for that.