Wednesday, April 21, 2010

garden progress

The "tire garden" has been off to a rough start. Spring has been unusually cool and wet here this year, we had frost on the 17th. Plus, I was a bit over enthusiastic and started planting cold weather greens on March 1. It has been terminally soggy since. Nothing took and it has been re-planted from seed again earlier this month. What's worse, I sighted the first ヤマビル - mountain leeches, of the season, yikes. This area gets sunlight partially in the early morning, then from 2pm-5pm only.

I've been checking my fuzzy weather log and it shows that for this year, we've had , according to rough calculations : 25% of days that were sunny or mostly/partly sunny. 30% of days were good enough to make power from wind. 20% were cloudy, and 35% had either rain or snow. Some percentile are missing there, but you get the idea.

In the upper garden, store bought seedlings have been going strong for the most part, broccoli and beans here. Don't know if broccoli is worth the wait or the space yet.

Carrots and green onions planted from old seed on March 1, fail. Hey the clover is going well. Re-planted this bed with 10 potatoes from last years crop.

The log bed also has 10 potato plants or more, along with radish, clover. Also covering this with a tarp on consecutive rainy days. Tomatoes, clover etc
Store bought seedlings of red leaf lettuce have been providing salads every 2 -3 days for the family, more lettuce from seed going ok behind.

potato (4/4)from last year's seed, cukes store bought seedlings, and zucchini from seed. Also beans in there somewhere, no sign of the zucchini yet.

The PET bottles have been working better on protecting store bought seedlings and young garlic, than on my seeds unfortunately.

The first-planted potatoes (3/1)in tires are really coming on strong, surrounded by boxes of lettuce. This whole setup gets covered with a leftover, clear polycarbonate sheet in prolonged rain of more than one day.


  1. Hey Johne, impressive ! Also, is that the river behind your house ?! Whoa...Lots of rain, eh ?


  2. Thanks Ken, not impressive at all, just winging it. Yeah the creek becomes a river sometimes. Let's hope this year's rainy season is not a repeat of last year's.