Monday, February 22, 2010

Making Juice

The panels are all hooked up to the battery, charge controller and DC-AC inverter.

The wiring board is a plastic storage box with plywood on either side, mounted to the wall.
The DC-AC inverter has no mounting holes so I used chicken wire. Looks almost professional.
Not as nice as a wooden box, but cheaper and easier to install. Note the powerstrip on top.
The battery box may be moved under the floor in the future, or covered with a wooden bench.
Try not to go under 70% of battery capacity, or 70% depth of discharge. This is not a true deep cycle battery, and will last longer with shallower cycling.
I will probably get one more of the same battery; always use matching batteries.

I like to consider this my solid state generator, no moving parts or fuel needed.
I could have gotten a small gasoline generator for what I have spent so far, but prefer this setup.


  1. Impressive work there. (ponders trying to do the same) On up front costs, would 1oo,ooo yen be a fair guesstimate ?



  2. Hi Ken and thanks,

    So far I'm up to about 7万円, but will be adding a battery and some volt and amp meters, that'll make it a little over 90,000. An expensive hobby at this point, will be running some lights soon.


  3. You are the best! A champion tinker'er. Love the raised beds & solar power. Awsome work!!!!

  4. Thanks for the kind words there Luke,
    hope you're enjoying all the pow up there.