Thursday, February 25, 2010

raised beds

A motley assortment of raised beds in the garden

This whole area was covered with mud and silt from last summer's flood. It was impossible to remove by shovel. Nearly all the wood chips were washed away as well, so I decided to go with gravel. This should keep the weeds down to a minimum also.

Big cedar logs lined with old newspaper and cardboard. Mulched vegetable scraps, bagged soil and cow manure.

I hope my blackberry bush comes back to life. All the beds have the same newspaper/mulch combo. Might add some more tensioning ropes and make this the cucumber bed, they can climb the ropes and stay off the soil perhaps.

The fugly tires hiding behind fugly crates

Should be able to plant potatoes soon and cover the tires easily in case of frost


  1. Hey John,
    A question on ducks...
    I see the enclosure is plastic netting, unroofed. I'd like to ask is you've had any problems with snakes, hawks or itachi?



  2. Hi T,

    Luckily no problems with any predators. They did spend a lot of time under the deck for about 3 months. So I guess a day roofed area is a good idea. I think if you let ducklings roam free you're bound to lose some to hawks.

    I'm working on 2 new enclosures for hens and drakes, there will be a small roof shelter in each.

    Thanks for the comments,


  3. That just said, we lost our new male in a brazen daylight attack by an unknown critter, damn! I was shopping for fencing for an enclosure for the males at the time, believe that?