Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lost duck returns

About 6 weeks ago we lost one of our 2 older ducks when I forgot to close the rear hatch of the coop after cleaning. In the morning there was only 1 lonely duck, and signs of a struggle near the river. However, last week our neighbor called and said she saw one of our ducks in the river near her house.

The ducks are well known for wandering the road and stopping traffic. Actually I like that. Especially cause it slows down the damn dump trucks.

The neighbor and another in their 70's succeeded in capturing it, only to lose it as they handed it off to our daughter. The next day I set off in rain, armed with 3 umbrellas (which they hate) and 2 butterfly nets. I set a barrier of umbrellas just above the small falls, and herded the missing duck towards the umbrellas. Then trapped it against the wall and grabbed it, put it in a pail and closed the lid.

He was sentenced to 48 hrs in the pen to remember where home is.

Here are our new ducks, we lost one early on.

In other homesteading news: I've officially given up on field #1. It will be used by the neighboring field's owner from here on. I am relieved. Today I dug out the fig, lemon, chestnut and tangerine trees and brought them here. Don't know how they will fare in this climate though.

Now I can work on field #2 which is in front of our house. This time I am actually going to (cough) buy (cough) black plastic mulch and even some super heavy agri-sheet mulch. . No more messing around. In between rows will be laid cardboard boxes from the supermarket. These are harmless, free, and will degrade back into the soil soon. That is IF the neighbor will let me use it again in spring. Have to get the tiller over here soon and make everything look nice.


  1. 'bout the same time you start serving moose steaks
    eggs, however, will be had in spring..