Friday, August 14, 2009

river survey

Got a chance to survey the river. The first thing I noticed was the smell was very different, kind of dirty. Must be due to all the mud and the soggy banks. Next was the sky. You can actually see it! Before it was all overhung with jungle-like trees, now they're gone. Hiked up to the upper bridge. Every foothold was sure, even in the water. In 2 places the bank was collapsed near the road. Found a few new, deep swimming holes where there were none before. Bad news is mine are gone. One thing I've noticed being here in the inaka a while now is that the river will almost always go back to normal. After a typhoon back at our old house, the river filled in my favorite swimming hole with sand and stones. I was heartbroken. It was a great place that few people new of. After about 5 years of normal storms, it was again cleaned out and open. We've lost our "beach" before, but it'll be back. At least I don't have to by those 沢登りシューズ , waterfall climbing shoes now.

here's the "old" river, like a jungle. Slippery, slimy old pal.

Here's the new river. Sandblasted, bleached, surefooted, bathed in sunlight in the morning at least (and debris).

where's my ladder?

big slide upriver

I was standing by the cones that night and the water was about 1 meter or so below the road level. This is about 7 meters above my yard level.

here's where the river overran the bend of the irrigation channel, it's a straight shot to the yard now

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