Sunday, August 9, 2009

new room and deck

Big news here at Larue Towers. After much hand wringing and stomach churning (on my part), we've decided to expand the house. The new living room will be 4x4m on the outside, with a same sized deck next to it, plus a screen porch running the side of the house. The carpenters are doing a good, but slow job of it. The new living room will be log siding on the exterior, cedar T&G on the inside and oak floor. Can't wait till it is done, we could use the space. I'm especially looking forward to the deck and screen porch.

Here is the original, felling trees for more light.

poured concrete foundation with storage underneath

roof on

log siding on just needs some stain

living room interior

the stove is now more centralized but will require more fuel to heat the extra space, and the far end of the house may lose a few degrees, we'll see...

deck and screened porch taking shape


  1. Looks really good !! Would love to do that here too one day.........


    p.s. The woodstove is lookin' sharp.

  2. Thanks Ken,

    Yeah, it's coming along slow. The stove needs a good cleaning eh?