Thursday, August 27, 2009

almost there

screen porch and deck

original wood needs some stain pronto

deck and new LR

happy campers

screen porch entrance

will keep daily supply of firewood at far end next to rear door of screen porch

looking back towards the deck
access to kitchen is by old door near diagonal beam

rear of screen porch, notice the clear panels

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

beautiful weather

We're enjoying the breezy arrival of summer finally. It's been nice like this for a few days now, I can't believe it is here. Look at these, it is the middle of August, afternoon temps and humidity in the house, nice.

In the old living room

new living room


first floor north side, notice the humidity spike

second floor

Monday, August 17, 2009

new swimming hole

It's a 3 minute walk up the road, or 20 minute hike up the river. Depth is over my head, and more importantly if you are in the 10 and under category, it is jumpable!

my new wallpaper


the rock is perfect size and shape as a passive solar body heater after swimming in the chilly water


Friday, August 14, 2009

river survey

Got a chance to survey the river. The first thing I noticed was the smell was very different, kind of dirty. Must be due to all the mud and the soggy banks. Next was the sky. You can actually see it! Before it was all overhung with jungle-like trees, now they're gone. Hiked up to the upper bridge. Every foothold was sure, even in the water. In 2 places the bank was collapsed near the road. Found a few new, deep swimming holes where there were none before. Bad news is mine are gone. One thing I've noticed being here in the inaka a while now is that the river will almost always go back to normal. After a typhoon back at our old house, the river filled in my favorite swimming hole with sand and stones. I was heartbroken. It was a great place that few people new of. After about 5 years of normal storms, it was again cleaned out and open. We've lost our "beach" before, but it'll be back. At least I don't have to by those 沢登りシューズ , waterfall climbing shoes now.

here's the "old" river, like a jungle. Slippery, slimy old pal.

Here's the new river. Sandblasted, bleached, surefooted, bathed in sunlight in the morning at least (and debris).

where's my ladder?

big slide upriver

I was standing by the cones that night and the water was about 1 meter or so below the road level. This is about 7 meters above my yard level.

here's where the river overran the bend of the irrigation channel, it's a straight shot to the yard now

Sunday, August 9, 2009

new room and deck

Big news here at Larue Towers. After much hand wringing and stomach churning (on my part), we've decided to expand the house. The new living room will be 4x4m on the outside, with a same sized deck next to it, plus a screen porch running the side of the house. The carpenters are doing a good, but slow job of it. The new living room will be log siding on the exterior, cedar T&G on the inside and oak floor. Can't wait till it is done, we could use the space. I'm especially looking forward to the deck and screen porch.

Here is the original, felling trees for more light.

poured concrete foundation with storage underneath

roof on

log siding on just needs some stain

living room interior

the stove is now more centralized but will require more fuel to heat the extra space, and the far end of the house may lose a few degrees, we'll see...

deck and screened porch taking shape

Saturday, August 1, 2009

More rain

100mm of rain overnight turns the lovely wading stream into this torrent. When you get close you can hear the boulders grinding as they roll downstream hidden in the murky flow.