Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jeezum Crow

Here's the first look at field #2 after 16 days untended during the height of the rainy season, as they say in Vermont , Jeezum Crow!

I did pull out 3 buckets of cukes, 1 bucket of lettuce, some basil and green beans. The corn is doing well and the potatoes are ready for harvest. The tomatoes will be ready in a week or two. There's a lot of veg hiding in the weeds there. Who cares what it looks like.

Field #1 looks very much like #2, but with less results. Was able to salvage about 10 small ears of corn, a couple of cukes and a handfull of green beans. Not bad for 20 hours of work, sniff, sniff, sob , sob. Next year will be concentrating on field #2 only, as it is just in front of the house. Will probably only maintain the borders of #1 to keep the neighbors happy. Much to much work for such little return (aside from the 100 pounds of potatoes that is!!!) Well it is all my fault for leaving it to the elements for 2 weeks. This seems to happen every year, haha.

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