Wednesday, May 20, 2009

お茶 ocha-  green tea bushes

Our friend and neighbor, who is my gardening guru, pointed out a small green tea bush growing out of the wall in our yard. I was surprised to find out what it was. I've been hitting the poor thing with the weed cutter for years now, ohhhh noooo.
She handed me a big handful of the tender new leaves and instructed me to slow roast them in a frying pan. The aroma is beautiful. This morning we had it after breakfast, very nice. Much different than store bought of course, a little tangier, perhaps. Found one more, even scragglier bush, looks like 2 is all we have. Will look into transplanting or propogating them somehow. I know now is tea harvest time, but don't know how long our poor little bushes will produce for this year. I picked enough for one more potful. 2 pots per year? It's a start.

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