Monday, October 6, 2008

firewood gleaning

It's 1.5m high, 2m deep and 15m long. Conservatively estimated at 5 cords. Mostly sugi with some hinoki and keiyaki.

14 full loads in the Hijet. It's rated at 350kg payload, but was hauling more like 450 I think, judging by the pancaked rear tires.

Even though it's already October, some of it will be dry in a few weeks. The large round pieces (my favorites)are the the end of the log just above the box cut that the logger makes to fell the tree. They're only 10-20cm thick so it splits oh so easily, like cutting cake.

So far it cost me 6 cans of coffee, 2 packs of smokes, and 1 bottle of sake for the workers. Plus 20 liters of gasoline for the Hijet and 10 hours of my labor. Didn't lift a chainsaw til today.

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